Features of Automobile Direct Printer

We offer an opportunity to Car Body Kits Shops, Car Body Styling Shops and Custom Made Car Shops resulting in increased revenue and profits through expanded niche market coverage.

We are a Japanese Enterprise, involved in the R&D & Manufacturing of unique digital color printers, for various niche applications.
Most recently we are proud to present the
"Automobile Direct Printer", a unique, full-color printing machine, specially designed for printing graphics directly onto automobile bodies.

Automobile Direct Printer does not use the films.
So, it will make printing job at very low cost. Then, its profit margin is big.

Automobile Direct Printer does not need a paint booth (Spray Booth) equipment and its handling is easy.Automobile Direct Printer's print outdoor colorfastness is excellent.
Using Special inks, the printed image allows for ease of removal when graphics are no longer desired and coatings will in no way damage the original body surface.
Owners of Car Body Kits shops, Car Body Styling Shops and Custom Made Car Shops will find the introduction of the Automobile Direct Printer to be quite useful for increasing business opportunities and profit.